How do residents contact Flex with questions?



  • James Peterson

    please call me at 707 4833000 or 505 771 6789 trying to sign up

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  • Morgan Gordon

    I've been contacting the help email for 2 days straight. This is ridiculous. How do you get someone from Flex to respond? The money for rent has been in my account since the 31st and it still hasn't been processed. I'm now going to have a $250 late fee that I won't be able to pay because Flex isn't providing the services they say they do. I can't afford to pay for someone else's mistakes. Who can I speak to about reimbursement for the late fees? I have screenshots and statements proving the money has been available since the 31st.

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  • Mayerling Guerra

    Good evening... I have sent 6 emails to communicate with you and no one answers. I find it absurd that there is no customer service number. They paid my rent late and charged me a fee of 188 dollars and no one responds to my claims...

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  • ryan williams

    Flex is not here to assist and help the people! There is never anyone you can speak to and they always sending someone to the Help Desk to talk an automated system which can not answer most of the question we have. FLEX IS FULL OF IT AND DEFINITELY NEEDS TO DO BETTER FOR THE PEOPLE...


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  • Abigail Benavidez

    FLEX IS A SCAM! They will never reach out to you and solve things. They will steal your money and run for the hills with it. If yall see this report them to the Better Business Bureau immediately! 

    Flex number: (888) 205- 9407 & (929) 470-3783

    Flex address: 228 Park Ave S # 75995, New York, NY, United States, New York 

    Flex email:

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