What can I expect when my rent is due?



  • Charles Winstead

    I need for yal to take the payment out

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  • Michael Milem

    Just wondering how long it takes for the 1st payment to come out of my account?

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  • Rachael Chavis

    What is I have credit already in my account will y’all deduct that amount first or it just sits in my account? Because I got rent payments through OurFlorida?

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  • Morgan Gordon

    I've been contacting the help email for 2 days straight. This is ridiculous. How do you get someone from Flex to respond? The money for rent has been in my account since the 31st and it still hasn't been processed. I'm now going to have a $250 late fee that I won't be able to pay because Flex isn't providing the services they say they do. I can't afford to pay for someone else's mistakes. Who can I speak to about reimbursement for the late fees? I have screenshots and statements proving the money has been available since the 31st.

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  • Jefferson Ing

    My rent balance still not covered but $600 was already charged from my bank account for August by Flex.

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